Photograph, other graduate exhibitions, London OXO Tower, taken from the website.
Photograph, other graduate exhibitions, London OXO Tower, taken from the website.

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Myself and 48 other artists are taking part in a graduate degree show in London, to mark the end of our art based courses. We each are going to be titling a work and curating it in a multi-storey building in London, near to the Thames. There will be a private view (26th July) and the exhibition will be on for a week, between the 24th-29th July. Work will be varied, there will be sculpture, installation, performative, painting, ceramic and drawing works. 


I envision my work to be integrated in an audience based environment or in a place that they will most likely congregate in. This is going to be an interactive art piece. The piece will be a kinetic performative based work. A piano will be presented in a space for an audience to play and from this a microphone will pick up frequencies from the sound and this will be coded and translated into a pictorial display in the form of a drawing. The single sound wave line will be draw onto a rotating clear perspex drum that has been motorised in a way that will adapt to the Hertz of the sound wave. The wave will be drawn onto the plastic drum with a whiteboard marker and subsequently rubbed off the other side to allow for the new wave to be drawn. This will be a live performance in which raises awareness to sensory perceptions. Visual and auditory perception will exist cohesively as one. The performative kinetic sculpture will give a different experience to every individual that enters the space. If necessary the piece will have instructions to encourage an audience to take part.

Hannah Ball, 2018, upcoming exhibition, plan, drawing, dimensions variable.