Link – FaB2 install video on Vimeo – Artists Hannah Ball and Oliver Adams collaborative exhibition.

Images of the set up and the curation of the space that was given…


Figuring out the space and my work as a collective was something that I hadn’t done before, but proved to be very successful.


Hanging and working as a group assisting each other, at the same time as holding the same concept that I want my artwork to achieve was a challenge that I accepted, and with more time would be more successful. We only had an evening to curate and show the work in the space. Collaborating mine alongside Oliver Adam’s was an experience nothing like i’ve had before. Having a deadline, but still reasoning all of the decisions for why and how the work is presented in the way in which it was, was very much a test of our reaction to a space and surroundings.





Working as a group, a collaboration between myself and Oliver Adams, including the assistance from others in the gallery space to help with the set up.

This was a very last minute decision to take part in another project in the Fringe Arts Bath. The previous artist in this show had taken their work out of the space, and therefore they needed some work in place of it. I was asked as a result of the successfulness of the other exhibition ‘SUM’ that I have in FaB1, now having two exhibitions in an art festival, has definitely opened up many more opportunities for the future for me.

I did it because it would be a good test of how well I respond to different conditions of severity, hanging a show in a short amount of time. With work in which I have already made lying next to another artists, creating those dialogs was a really good experience. 

With organisation skills and determination, this show was set up in the empty space in under an evening and the following day the exhibition has information about it.

This was an extra project, alongside the main exhibition that we have been planning for months ‘SUM’, this was an extra project and  a really good experience to get involved with. An opportunity to quickly react to a space in a short amount of time, as well as continuing  to keep the same concepts that are attached to my work. Creating dialogs between artists work is an area in which I have successfully achieved.