I was successfully chosen for the Porthleven prize site visit 2016 along with 9 other artists and creatives across the university. This enabled me to make connections with other courses and network with other artists in other years in our school. The experience was a fully funded residency, where we had the opportunity to use the old lifeboat house to make work for the week. 


This opportunity was at a pinnacle stage in my practice. It enabled me to work with other artists, writers and musicians, consequently forming collaborations with them. The week long residency was an insight into making work specific to a location. Concept and phenomenon were the key elements in my practice that I explored during my time spent in Porthleven. I explored my own practice using a variety of materials and mediums that I hadn’t used before (such as sonic works). As a collective we worked on films, photography, written tasks and gathered and ordered items from various locations to make work from. We held conversations with local residents and asked them what it was about the community that they enjoyed being apart of, which we then introduced to our concepts. The work was varied and explorative. We made connections with local Cornish art collectives and bases that residents were apart of, and attending performances, lectures and drawing seminars. The week ended having successfully gathered a lot of research and produced a substantial amount of work. We then returned to the studio with conceptual work related to this place. We then presented to a panel of judges to continue onto the next stage of the award, which involved a two week residency. Unfortunately I wasn’t selected, however I furthered my collaborative projects that I had been working on during the residency, which led onto more interesting narrative based film works and exhibitions. See the ‘Unseen Drifts’ and ‘Neptune’ exhibition pages.