I research the relationship between art and science, investigating the natural phenomena of water, light and sound. Collaborating with scientists, who perform experiments in a laboratory environment using water as the main driving force, I create illusions using equipment such as generators, amplifiers and oscilloscopes. Interactive sound installations are created using musical instruments, such as the piano. I endeavour to illuminate and capture the emotion of landscapes, using sonic technology. My work is intended to provide a sensory experience for viewers, who are guided through a series of interactive spaces. I use a variety of media such as; sculpture, sound, film, photography and paint. I am interested in auditory and visionary perception as experienced by the individual viewer and as a scientifically observable event, together with the philosophical issues to which these things give expression. Sound and vision become both individual and scientifically labelled entities. 

Through my performance installations I want my audiences to experience the impact of these sensory elements and, in doing so, to think about the nature and representation of existence. 

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